Customer Reviews


“I hope my new year is filled with as much light, creativity and joy as your card conveys. It makes me happy just to look at it!”

E. Anreder
Calabasas, CA

“What a beautiful card! This is the first card that I wanted to frame and put over my fireplace. This card needs to be inserted in a frame and not a white envelope!”

J. Estrada
Los Angeles, CA

“Beautiful, brilliant, classic. Never will I have to stand for hours in a store searching for the perfect card for any occasion.”

N. Fu
San Francisco, CA

“The art is vibrant in color as is the design to the eye. I find it to be elegant and soul searching all in one with the outcome of a positive feeling to the sender and to the receiver. It is the type of artwork that you keep and want to share. Congratulations!”

M. Gomez
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

“I love the card you sent for the New Year. As a matter of fact it still is displayed on my home desk because I like it so much. Loved the colors and the sentiment.”

D. Sedor
Fontana, CA

“You may quote me when I say that the design of the card was contemporary and tasteful.”

R. Hackworth
San Diego, CA



“I am happy to comment on the beautiful art work on your 2008 Abundance, Joy and Love card. I felt very special to receive one of these “one of kind” cards. I am not normally enthusiastic when I see contemporary artwork but I must say when I saw this card it really moved me with the multiple textures and the color combinations were striking. The cards has a touching message combined with the colors and flowing motion that I felt. Truly a piece to share with your loved ones.”

B. Lewis
Ladera Ranch, CA

“The FJL New Year card I received was by far my favorite of the holiday season. The colors were vibrant, and the design was a pure work of art. It’s not every day you feel compelled to frame a greeting card and put it on the wall. I will keep this special card always and I am now a FJL customer so that I can share these unique works with others.”

P. Pile
Burbank, CA

“I think his use of colors are magnificent and timeless. When I saw his artwork in person I remember commenting on the beautiful gold script and how it flows through each piece. It draws you in to take a closer look to appreciate the texture and color up close. I can tell he thinks seriously about each piece and chooses colors to possibly express the mood of the moment. In turn I think people feel and relate to the mood and flow of the vibrant colors. Absolutely beautiful and I would love to see more.”

S. Monarrez
Whittier, CA

“The FJL Contemporary Art cards are vibrant in color and very unique in design, that they immediately catch your eye. I find that the sentiments are captivating, heartwarming and so meaningful. Sending these cards is a thoughtful wonderful way to brighten ones day!”

C. Wollmann
Burbank, CA